Internet problems on one of my PCs

By sublime90
Jul 28, 2010
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  1. i have 2 PC's hooked off the same router for internet access. 1 pc has internet access and the other doesn't. on the one that doesnt it says "local area connection 5, limited or no connectivity" i tried repairing with no luck, i checked my hardware settings and under network adapters it has mine listed as working properly. ive tried a lot of things from unplugging and restarting and still no luck. any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    Was it working in the past and this just happened? Did the router change? Check the router settings and take a look at DHCP settings or MAC address filtering or maybe even access or security.

    You posted this in Software and Utilities. Is there something that leads you to think it is caused by a program?
  3. sublime90

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    no that was my mistake, wrong section.

    Yes it was working flawlessly until today.out internet went down in the area all day. the router did not change. i dont know how to check the DHCP settings but i keep getting the ip adress starting with 169.254 which i read wasnt good. i also tried winsock reset and ipconfig/release and renew with no luck.
  4. sublime90

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    heres an update. i tried unplugging everything,clicking "repair", unchecked "notify me' box, bought a brand new ethernet pci card and ethernet chord, tried restoring my system to a week back, used the winsock fix program and i still get..
    connected......"automatic private address" IP 169.254 im going crazy trying to get this working again. is this even on my end? or should i call comcast and see if they can do anything. i dont understand why internet wont work on my pc but the other pc's hooked up to the same router.

    another thing i noticed, not sure if its related but i did a network diagnosis and everything came back clean except 1 thing failed. Nvidia nforce MCP networking controller- FAILED im not sure what that is beyond my graphics card, how would i fix that if its related.

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