Introduction and background ... new to TechSpot ... but not to the industry

Implemented the first licensed UNIX system (in the (gulp)70s?) ... introduced by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie in person. Partnered with Digital Equipment Corp. and became the last President of DECUS (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society) before it became Encompass which extended its reach to HP users and customers.


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I was 6yrs old in 1970 but as soon as I could earn money, all my paper route money went to consoles like the Intellivision and Atari VCS and computers. Atari 400 and an extra $500.00 cassette drive (programs were sold in zip locked bags, like Zork, and Midway), Atari 800 and my first 5 1/4" floppy drive, Atari 520ST and my first 3.5" floppy and then my first 20MB (yes 20 megabytes) Hard Drive @ a cost of $875.00 Amiga 500, Amiga 2000 then I went PC and never looked back. When I darkened the door of a Apple store and spoke of an Atari they told me "To go to Toys R Us" and I was so offended and swore I would never own an Apple and I go out of my way to make sure they lose business. =)


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Welcome. I'm just an interested consumer/user, been around TS since 1999 but I took a few year hiatus, been back for a couple of weeks. What brings you here?