iOS 13 is bringing multi-cam support for simultaneous media capture


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iPhone and iPad users will soon be able to provide a better context of what they're experiencing via simultaneous capture of footage from both devices' front and rear cameras. A video recording app was demoed by the company to showcase this feature and its ability to swap between the two cameras on the fly during playback.

The feature can be used in specific combinations such as allowing the use of both the regular and telephoto camera on the back of the iPhone or just the front and regular rear camera. Some combinations also enable using the TrueDepth selfie shooter with the iPhone's rear cameras.

9to5Mac reports that use of multi-cameras will be limited to a single session on iPhones and iPads, considering the power constraints of these devices. This means that multiple sessions with multiple cameras or multiple cameras in multiple apps is not a possibility. Apple also listed the supported formats for videos and hi-res stills for its iPhone XS and whether or not they will be binned (over-sampled).

Apple's own Camera app doesn't appear to utilize this feature, for now. But third-party camera apps are likely to experiment extensively as Apple rolls out an API for this feature to developers. You can also expect many effects and ideas from Android counterparts to make their way onto iPhones and iPads, now that the hardware limitations are out of the way.

Another feature coming to iPhone cameras as part of iOS 13 is Photo Segmentation Mattes that will identify a person's hair, skin and teeth so they can be isolated from other elements in a photo. This looks to take things one step further from Portrait Effects Matte introduced in iOS 12, which separated the subject from the background for photos in Portrait mode. Now with Photo Segmentation Mattes you can face paint or change your hair color to match with the fall season, just in time for when iOS 13 arrives for the public.

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#1 There's always one feature offered on the newest iPhone release which runs perfectly on that one, but not so well on the last generation or the generation before that - and is virtually unusable on older models. It looks like this is that feature. A feature like this and 1TB of storage is the only possible thing that could get me to upgrade to iPhone 11 this year.

#2 For people who drive with their iPhones mounted to the windshield as a GPS and use as a dash cam, this is great.

I think I could mount this to the windshield of a Cessna Skyhawk or Cirrus or Citation jet next time I fly and wanna make a vlog. Only think I need is the mic hardware to talk directly to the camera.
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LOL! THAT is worthy of at least a 100 dollar charge I bet ;)
(yes, I know it's the OS, not the's called a joke)