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Sep 16, 2005
  1. Hello All,

    I'm having a weird problem with my comp. Im using cable internet and my comp has been throwing a 169 IP at me for the last month. My computer is still under warranty, so I called tech support and they led me through numerous things to try and fix it. Finaly, they dicided my mobo needed to be changed. That helped for about two days, then right back to the 169 IP. Here's the really weird part. Just for the heck of it I took my comp to a friends house to try and connect there. I hooked it up and it connected without a problem. So, just to verify that it was infact my connection at home that was the problem I took my friends pc with me and hooked it up at home. As soon as I hooked it up it connected without a problem. So now I'm left wondering what the heck the problem is. Any suggestions?

    Here's a few of the things Ive already done.

    All drivers up to date.
    New mobo and nic cards
    New cables and modem
    Reinstalled Windows several times
    and the list goes on...........

    I need help.

    Thanks all.
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    My friend had a problem similar to that. The problem was he had Nvida firewall and it was not allowing DHCP to give him a IP. It kept giving him a 169 address. All we did was uninstall the Nvidia firewall and restart and it worked flawlessly. So if you have Nvidia firewall or any firewall try uninstalling it and see if it works.

    Good Luck! :giddy:
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    just fyi: the 169.*.* subnet is a default generated by the NIC card itself,
    after broadcasting its intend to do so. this is a direct result of DHCP failing
    to reply with an IP address. The first repsonse then to any 169.*.* address
    is to get DHCP configured correctly (in your case, getting the firewall to allow
    port 67; {even by brute force remove thereof } )

    the url http://www.seifried.org/security/ports/0/67.html clarifies:
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    do you NEED dhcp? if not then just give yourself a hard set ip and take dhcp off your router\hub

    if you NEED dhcp, like i do, then try a new slot on your motheboard, i had your problem last fall and i found out that i had a number of bad slots on my brand new motherboard.
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    First, this is a great question; the answer is maybe.

    If your needs are strictly sharing between your local systems
    (implying NO Internet access) then you can do without it easily.

    If you need ISP support and have purchased a STATIC IP, you can't use DHCP!

    For the rest of us, life is much simpler with DHCP, due to the IP address given
    to us on the first connection has a LEASE period, after which another IP address
    is assigned. It may be the same one, but more likely to be different especially
    in metropolitan areas with large ISP user populations (eg earthlink).

    When the RELEASE/RENEW cycle occurs, the ISP can change everything previously know:
    IP address from aaa.bbb.ccc.* to aaa.bbb.eee.* (change of subset)
    DNS address any round robin address they own
    Gateway address which fits the new aaa.bbb.eee.0 subnet

    While it is possible to manually get TCP/IP running without DHCP and without
    a STATIC IP address, it will likely start failing at the first RELEASE/RENEW date
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    Thanks for all the help everyone. I'll give a few of the things listed a shot and see what happens. I do know however that I have to have dhcp.
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