Iran blocks websites in anticipation of Green Revolution anniversary

By Rick
Feb 10, 2012
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  1. On Friday, Cnet sources confirmed that Iran has begun preemptively blocking websites in anticipation of civil unrest this weekend. Tomorrow is significant because it marks the third anniversary of theā€¦

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  2. Twixtea

    Twixtea TS Rookie Posts: 86

    I live in Iran, but I'm not really into politics or anything like that. So I don't really care.
    Beside that, there are anyways way too many filtered websited here, that I could keep track of what is when filtered.
    I'd be just glad if they would boost the internet speed here abit.
    I mean, seriously I pay 30$ for a connection with a speed of 80kb/s.
    Okay 30$ isn't that much, but in Iran, it is.
  3. im from iran,too. and yes,they are Blocked the 443 port since Thursday for the Entire country! , Gmail,Messengers,HTTPS (SSL) Sites can't Be Loaded Without Proxy or VPN.Even Online Gamers have No luck to play their Games and it Seems that this situtation remain the same for at least 3 or 4 days.
  4. andy06shake

    andy06shake TS Evangelist Posts: 451   +126

    So now Irans at the media/internet censorship, ah well least they now have something in common with the USA eh, bet the Iatolas love the idea of SOPA/PIPA act? HACK THE F***ING PLANET!!!!

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