IRC BOT - Disconnected from Internet

By mattchew008
Aug 18, 2008
  1. Hi, I've recently been disconnected from the internet from my service provider (Rogers, in Canada) due to an issue of having an IRC Bot trojan.

    They said that any one of my computers could be infected with the virus and to be quite honest, I think it is my work system, because a week into working from home, my internet got disconnected due to a virus. I've done all the checks for the computer that I think is the one infected (my work PC) and have also scanned the other 5 computers on the network and have not found any IRC trojan, only cookie trackers and stuff.

    This is the result from the scan:

    The customer care representative told me that most antivirus software won't be able to detect the trojan, which doesn't sound promising.

    He told me that a possible solution would be to be reformat all the computers on the system, which I think is a little extreme, and that would definitely be my last resort.

    Has anyone experienced this kind of problem before and are there any removal tools for IRC Bot trojans?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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