IRQL Not Less or Equal

By ruchir4
May 2, 2009
  1. I am unable to install Windows XP Professional on my computer. There is a blue scree message that appears which mentions - "IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL".
    Please provide me a remedy.
  2. B00kWyrm

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    Your error message usually (from the other threads I have seen) indicates a driver conflict,
    though I have also seen memory and hard drive issues related to this error.

    More information would be helpful...

    Was there any error code information besides what you have already posted?

    Do you have any POST codes during boot? (probably not or you would not have gotten to the BSOD)

    System specs... including MB, Processor, Memory, Drives (hard, optical), Cards, etc...
    What software was on the system? Is this an xp version upgrade, or is this a new build / clean install?

    There are tools available for diagnosing
    1) memory issues... Memtest. Runs outside of windows.
    Search the site, and you will find both the download and instructions on using it.

    2) hard drive issues... Your drive manufacturer makes utilities for your drive which normally run outside of windows.

    So, these hardware possibililties can be diagnosed (or else ruled out) without ever getting windows loaded.

    Then, is all of your hardware on the HCL for your version of windows?
    Is your memory that which is recommended by the MB manufacturer?

    When you post more information, it will enable some of the others to step in with some solid advice.

    Right now, it kind of feels a little like
    "shooting blindfolded, in a blizzard (whiteout), at a polar bear (that may or may not actually be there)."
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