Is an ultrabook the right thing for me? (Yoga 2 Pro)


Sorry for my bad english!
I hope this is the right forum section for my question.

I've bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro a while ago, which is an ultrabook. my main purpose was that I buy the y2p so I retire my old laptop and so that I upgrade to a better hardware...

I wanted something that could be both a laptop and a tablet. so I y2p was a good choise for me.

But what I didn't think of was that y2p is an ultrabook. I actually didn't really know the meaning of ultrabook!
I turn on my laptop (with its battery detached and connected directly to power cord...) when I wake up and I turn it off when I go to bed.
In older laptops everyone said if you want to use your laptop for a long period of time in home, its better if you detach the battery and just connect it directly to power (with the charger adapter cable...)
I'm asking if this is ok for an ultrabook? will the battery be harmed? is it ok if its connected to the power when its in use? which for me is 12hours a day, I plug my adapter when I wake up and I unplug it when I go to bed... is this ok?

I use it mostly for watching films and web browsing... oh and I connect it to an external monitor with hdmi. but sometimes I just use it as a laptop, when I go out or in other situations...
So should I keep the y2p and just leave it plugged in all the time or get a laptop that has a removable battery? like a macbook or a lenovo thinkpad or something?

Thanks in advance.