Audio Is audio/video playback time dependent?


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Is it possible that a problem in the voltage going to the quartz crystal on the motherboard can cause audio/video to crackle/stutter?
I suspect the quart crystal or it's power conduit/source because I'm also noticing intermittent slow time (from 5-10 minutes an hour some days but as high as half hour lost in one hour) and my download speed (kb/s) "increases" (says I'm getting at 9kb/s on a dial-up fax modem when I normally only get the normal 5.9kb/s MAX when working normally). 20% of the time the BIOS time will also be slow when I look (reboot).

Or could it be something else? Other symptoms include the computer will freeze after being on for several hours/a day and though the mouse moves I can't open/switch to task manager (clicking on it in the taskbar will only cause it to highlight but not maximize/ same with any other program like FireFox), or select the shut down from start menu or even shut down via the power button 5 sec hold. (I have to power down the power box). It will still freeze sometimes on reboot after a cool down.

I don't think it is XP since I recently did a repair install of XP after losing safe mode ability and in an attempt to fix the intermittent audio problem (I had not noticed if the time was acting up prior). - Have yet to do a clean install though

CPU temps appear normal in both BIOS and PC Wizard 2010 (3 degrees C difference after complete boot and load - highest temp in PCWiz is AUXTIN temp which averages 45-46dC (I'm assuming this is the Northbridge temp). SYSTIN is 38-40dC (Assuming computer ambient) and CPUTIN is 37-39 - cores 39-42 and 37-39). (CPU temp is probably lower than ambient because of the high temp in AUXTIN and southbridge small HS is hot to touch after shutdown). PSU numbers a bit high with multimeter (12.9,3.8,5.9 - readings taken completely disconnected from motherboard with an old ~12 years old DMM) but lower in BIOS (12.2?,3.4?,5.1?), and PC Wizard 2010 (11.93,3.42,5.14).

PCWizard 2010 sometimes has problems detecting RAM. Sometimes it will see both but one is zero size. Restart PCWizard program (without restarting computer) changes results

Processor Voltage is always 1.26 when I check. Same with Vin5 and Vin6 (1.73/1.86 respectively - I'm assuming this is the DIMM voltages but not sure). VIN1 - varies from .07 to .12 volts - sound problems seem to happen when VIN1 is .08-.09.

Is it a DC/DC converter on the motherboard failing? is it bad/failing RAM? Or is the PSU off spec and pumping too much voltage?