Is dual monitor/keyboard possible for 2 separate instances of a PC game?

By joshuamays
Jun 12, 2010
  1. I play World of Warcraft. I am able to run 2 separate accounts simutaneously without any issues (no lag). I was just wondering if it was possible to run a second monitor, keyboard, and mouse to my computer so that 2 people can play on their own monitor. I have plenty of usb ports to support all the hardware as well as a graphics card that supprts duel monitors (GeForce GTX 285 OC).

    I guess of all this i dont understand how i would ultimately get the mouse and keyboard to soley respond to the game and not interfere with other persons gameplay.

    Can this scenario be brought to life? thx.
  2. ReallyMissGamin

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    Okay, I am not a professional I am mainly here to bump your thread to possibly find you better guidance. As well as 2 things you should consider. (If this is even possible to do).

    1) Launching the game. When you go to launch the game itself on two different monitors at the same time. Will it launch correct? Is there some setting in your Nvidia Control Panel, that will allow this to launch properly. Example Given: Your screen launching on Identified Monitor 1 and your friends launching on Identified Monitor 2. (Or maybe even running in windowed made, dragging and dropping then maximizing would settle that) ;) But...that leads to 2.

    2) Regarding 1, if it is possible. I am sure it will reduce the frame rates (although as I said, your gfx card seems pretty legit). ;)

    Okay, now. After reading many sites. In which, I would post if only I could yet... I have seen that this has been in development stage for quite some years now. I found forums as old as 2005-6ish... One was about a driver *hack* that would allow for multiple pointer instances. It being Microsoft doesn't do it. How would you point and click, right? So, the person shared that but stated it worked like crap (and only ran default mouse settings) your mouse movement would be SLOW. Also, I had seen (another useless route maybe) people talking about using VMware. The thing is, (im not sure) I do not think VMware will load your sound drivers, etc.. Not such a problem if you two are sitting side by side cruising the same worlds.? The thing I think that will get you is having to split the RAM dedication to the VMware. 2 gigs each for WoW with the dual monitor (individual screen loads) will probably totally shred the performance. As well as your gfx card drivers loading (3d acceleration).

    Ultimately, is it possible? Probably, as most things are.
    Ultimately, is it worth it? NO! (In my opinion but have not tested it being I don't have a need to.) I have however though, ran two instances of a windowed mode game just to check if it would decrease performance. It does...

    Will it interfere just trying to use it as is? YES, ultimately (digging that word) Windows was coded so that when you point AND click on an application. It then becomes the "Active" application. Meaning you and your friends game would turn to a battle of screen rather than ownage in a WoW Raid. ;) Which is why I am sure you both want to play same time. Side by side.

    AHhhH, Awesome. I think I can post links now. Here is the link to the VMware discussion about 2 users controlling one computer at the same time. (2 diff monitors, 2 keyboards... and mice.)


    He mentions having TWO (2) Sound cards (for independent sound, like I said if you two are pretty much roaming the same area at the same time that shouldn't be too bad or big of a problem). So it seems, sound will work... ;) I am done for now but will check back on your thread later today to see what you think or might have already come up with. Good luck!
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