Is it possilble to mulitboot with 2 of xp?

By runescape
Aug 14, 2008
  1. i have windows xp professional sp2 and i have a copy of windows xp professional sp3 and i read on sites that you cannot install two of the same type so can i install windows sp3 on my second hard drive so i can multi boot or will it replace the
    sp2? also i have 2 hard drives ,my local {c:} and another one called data {d:}and sometimes i just save stuff on my d: when my c: has got alot stuff; oh yh is it when i go to my computer i have c: and d: but if i install sp3 (if i do) on d: will i stilll be able to see c: and d: like normal

    if its hard to understand reply here with a question and i will answer it if its anything to do with this.
    thank you
  2. runescape

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    sorry i dont no how to disable smilies
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