Is linux better than xp?

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Mar 22, 2009
  1. ive heard a lot about linux over the years and a lot of people recommend it. however ive also heard that it is not as user friendly nor is it compatible with a lot of programs. has any of that changed? is it worth switching for the security? where can i find out more about linux? thanks to anyone who can help.
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    thank you

    again kimsland thank you for your patience and advice.
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    Linux is not better or worse than XP (I suspect you presently have XP?)

    Linux is a totally separate OS, just like Macintosh

    It depends upon things like:
    Cost and support
    Security and application
    Hardware and software compatibility
    Even Network and usability

    There are so many specific differences that we could be here all day discussing (which we won't be ;))
    Generally with standalone systems in comes down to making the right choice

    ie Linux is better if you want to do such things as File Sharing (as an example) because Linux is not as susceptible to Malware, as Windows is

    But Windows is better for compatibility with Media player (which many users strangely use), but in actual fact thousands of programs

    So not much of an answer, but more things to think of, but when it comes down to it "Linux is not better or worse than XP" It's just different
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    thanks kimsland you are very helpful.
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