Is PC power speed malware?

By treetops
Oct 7, 2011
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  1. By the way when I searched for it on the forums it came up as a advertisement so might wanna look into that. Anyways Iv been off work a few days I come back and here it is on the computer. It lets you scan tells you that you have reg problems n space that can be freed when you click fix low and behold it asks for you to pay.

    Iv seen such scams before so I did a quick google and half the info iv seen suggests its rogueware. I have ccleaner on this computer anyways and I doubt if it is legit that its better then nice n free ccleaner.

    No its not my job to keep computers safe over here I work at a super 8 motel but I love getting rid of viruses\malware. And being on break for school combined with the slow paced style of being a motel clerk I keep this comp runnin pretty smooth. So what do you all think it is?

    p.s. I already uninstalled it with seemingly no problems yet. Now im doin a malwarebytes scan.

    Oh some suspicious evidence, I ran its scan it said I had 145 reg problems, then I ran ccleaner it fixed like 8. Ran the power pc scan again and it still said 145.

    Update did a full scan with malware bytes seems like it actually uninstalled with no problems.
  2. bazz2004

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    Like you I rate CCleaner and also Glarysoft Utilities which are free and do a good job. Why pay for something aggressive which might cause its own problems? There's always going to be some minor errors but that's just the way things are. CCleaner and Glarysoft have to be more trustworthy than pc powerspeed. Malwarebytes is also a great free program.

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