Is the Q6600 much better than E6750?

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Nov 22, 2007
  1. Hello! I was decided to buy the E6750 but right now I've seen a great deal to get the Q6600 for about the same price, my only concern is that Q6600 has a FSB of 1066mhz and the E6750 a 1333mhz and the 2.4ghz vs 2.66ghz respectively, I think those are the main specs where the E6750 beats the Q6600, but I think a Quad Core is much better than a Dual Core, please correct me if I'm wrong. Is the Q6600 a lot better than E6750?

  2. Bruce2

    Bruce2 TS Rookie

  3. jbiggs09

    jbiggs09 TS Rookie

    well the Q6600 can be bumped up to a 1333mhz FSB in bios, and you can overclock them to 3.0 with ease

    Honestly, the Q6600 is a much better decision now, and in the future.
  4. Bonzai

    Bonzai TS Rookie

    That's some valued input there, jbiggs! It's not easy being a noobie
  5. RedFox911

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    I agree with jbiggs, The q6600 is also future proof
  6. pdyckman@comcas

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    I run the Q6600 with 4 MB'S/PC-6400 ram (4 mod./dual ch.). Quads do better with 4 MB'S. (Slightly better to run 4 separate) Future computing & gaming is aiming at 4 cores. I'm happy with the stock 2.4 speed. It runs well for my needs @ a conservative 2.93
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