Is This A Good PSU? And Good For My System?

By s4w2e0d
Nov 13, 2009
  1. I've Got a Few Problems.. If Anyone Could take their time and read this it would be very much appreciated!

    Heres My Specs

    Geforce 8800GT
    Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
    4.00 GB RAM
    Vista 64-bit
    688GB Hard Drive

    So my fans been speeding up really fast and they're making a lot of noise for the past couple weeks.
    I also noticed the power supply is very hot and it kinda smells like burning plastic.
    I Dusted out the fan and everything and it made the fan noise and speed go away for a few days..

    Then today i tried playing Call Of Duty MW2 and now its getting so hot that it shuts down my computer completely and smells like burning really bad

    So Then i open it up dust it out again, and realize that the power supply fan is not spinning, So I'm Hoping its just my fan burnt out.

    I've been reading online about what power supply's people are recommending

    And I don't want to go all out just to find this power supply, I just wanna go to best buy and buy one, But i don't know if this one will be good enough.

    when i first bought my computer they told me i needed a better power supply so they gave me some 550 watt one I'm not sure what name brand it was(it bad obviously lol) It's only a year old computer..

    Heres the PSU im looking at

    Corsair - 650W ATX CPU Power Supply

    Input Current 10A
    Output +3.3V@24A,+5V@30A,+12V@52A,-12V@0.8A,+5V…

    Will this work for my system? Please help me.
    Any answers or other recommendations from best buy that would be better? or should i travel around for a better power supply? I'm so confused
  2. hellokitty[hk]

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  3. klepto12

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    the psu you posted is a very nice psu and will work with even a very high end system i would run sli or crossfire with that psu and an i7 .
  4. KyBrewer

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    That's the power supply I just bought, at Best Buy also.
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