Is this a virus or trojan?

By vegasgmc
Apr 14, 2010
  1. At 8:37 this morning my laptop sent out 33 emails from my AOL account. All were sent to places I sent emails to in the past, some addresses are very old and some were names Ive never heard of. Most were returned as MAILER-DAEMON returned mail. I have AVG and nothing has come up in a virus scan. Each sent email is a different link to a website such as hxxp:// but I havent tried clicking on any of them. This laptop has a new install of Vista and Ive never downloaded anything from an unfamiliar site or opened any email attachments.Thanks
  2. Bobbye

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    One of 2 things happened: either you have a mass mailing malware that sends out spam to those in your address book-or-someone who has you in their address book has the malware.

    MAILER-DAEMON is the invisible internet postman who sends mail back when the email address is no good. Don't take him personally- all of us have had 'him' in our mailbox at one time or another!

    The link you left- I've edited it so it is no longer a hyperlink. The Domain 'architektarikan' is actually made from the name Arikan Architektur in Czechoslovakia. There are quite a few site on the internet, but all require translating which I didn't do.

    I would suggest that you make use of our Prelim. V&M Removal steps HERE.

    Leave the 3 logs and I'll check them for malware and we'll see where to go from there.
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