Build a PC Is this computer spec worth buying?


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Hi, I'm new here, just wanted opinions on buying parts to buy my own PC and if it would hold up for a couple of years for gaming?

Cpu: AMD FX-6200 3.80GHz 6-core
Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 AMD 970

I've not included the power supply and hard drive etc. because they didn't seem relevant much.
All suggestions are welcome but I'm limited by a budget of £400.


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That's not a great gaming setup, games are mostly dependant on the GPU and the 6570 will likely only play games on low details.

Is the budget just for those 4 components or does it include everything (PSU, hard drive, case, etc.)


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as slh28 said, most games are dependent on the GPU more then the CPU.

In this case I would suggest a quad core(even a dual core) and take the money you save from spending on the CPU and put it into a better GPU.

The 6-core CPU will allow you to do a lot more at once (I.E have a game open, run Internet Explorer(or other browsers..) Word programs, and a bunch of other things) but if you plan on playing games, then you are really only focusing on one program running, a Dual Core would be fine for this, as most games only require a dual core anyways.

A quad core will ensure quicker use if you plan on doing muliple things at once however, and if the budget allows for it then you might as well.

Put the money into a GPU and you will be able to play higher end games, or at least higher graphic settings.


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I've not included the power supply and hard drive etc. because they didn't seem relevant much.
All suggestions are welcome but I'm limited by a budget of £400.
At your price point they're extremely relevant. It would be nice to see all the components, and we'll see if we can provide something better for you.

Also, what resolutions to you intend to play at, as that is also crucial when choosing a GPU, along with the sort of games you intend to play (as some need high performing GPUs than others).


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Thanks for the replies guys. In response to slh28, yes 400 is the budget for those 4 components as I have everything else because I'm stripping my old PC, the case is a full tower so space isn't a problem.
Also in response to everyone, I've been doing more research and what do you make of these,
Motherboard: ASUS P8H77-V LE
CPU: Intel i5-2400
GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 560 1GB

Still open to options and the RAM isn't really included in this budget any more because they're relatively cheap.

Also, the power supply I have is corsair 800w and so is compatible with the GPU. I have a 250GB SATA 7000rpm internal Hard Drive and a 500Gb of the same. 2 basic DVD-RW 48x Drives. Case I have has a pretty big fan around 7-8" diameter and is around 500x220x580/600. These are things I already have so that's why they are not in the budget. I know a lot of people say to invest in a SDD but I can't afford one of them at the moment.


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Thanks for that, I had a look at a Ti but they were mainly 180-190 which pushed it out of a realistic price range for me anyway, so I saved the link and that'll help alot. They 3450 actually is a little cheaper which is great. Thanks for all the help, I'll probably look around more but you've given me a good view on decent and rubbish bit and bobs.

Thanks for the help guys