ISP throttling workaround

By ANTIjailbreak
Aug 27, 2012
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  1. Hello everybody im very interested in the file sharing landscape and am amazed of dispite how much better cyberlockers are torrents still hold so much value. now torrents are awesome cause not everybody has credit cards to pay for cyberlockers so torrents are the only option. so my qwestion is that what am I to do if I was on a isp that throttles than what. I have an idea that might get around this such as using a software called internet download manager. one of the great software features is to be able to download flash video and flash audio from websites. what if I wanted a movie that was in a torrent couldent I save the .torrent file and in utorrent choose the stream option that my internet download mangaer picks up and lets me direct download this torrent so that way I dont have to worry about isp thottling. would this work for torrents. internet download manager lets me download a streaming flash video or audio even if that site doesent let me. I heard the deluge client is pretty good against isp throttling. thats because deluge is on encryption by default but utorrent has encryptionoption thta people use and still get throttled. so why is deluge more affective. sorry for the long post. any advice is appreciated.

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