Issue between iPhone and iPad

By matrix86
Feb 23, 2012
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  1. Just got a phone call from my brother who is having an issue between his iPad2 and his iPhone4s. He has had these 2 for a while with no issues. He just went out of town for business and started having issues:

    1.) when he receives a text, it goes to both his phone AND his tablet. If he is doing something on his tablet, the text will kick him off of what he was doing and he'll lose his work. Luckily, he's smart enough to save his work as he's going.

    2.) If he tries to send a text or face time to his wife (who also owns these two devices) it doesn't go through. But if she tries to send him a text or facetime, it goes through just fine.

    I'm not very knowledgeable in the Apple area, so any help would be awesome. Apple wants him to pay almost $60 to answer his question (up yours, Apple). Now, he has tried turning off iCloud, and disabling syncing. None of these worked. Same issues. And keep in mind, none of this had ever happened before until he went out of town. He did connect to the hotel's wifi, but even after disconnecting, the issues stayed. Any theories on what's causing this?
  2. iweeklydeal001

    iweeklydeal001 TS Rookie

    hmm. Very questionable issue you hve their.. but the most approptiate thing tp do is to follow what Apple said more rightful actions before undertaking any activity that may end up to broke both them

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