Issue opening partition d

By bobigazda
Dec 2, 2008
  1. hi i hope you could help me. I instal new Windows xp on my PC and niow i can't run windows normaly , i must run in safe mode if i want to use my pc but i can't do that all the time.Please help me i don't know what should i do.
  2. kimsland

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    Please right click on Partition D and select Open
    Once opened locate a small file that has a name such as "autorun.inf"
    You may need to view hidden files too, by selecting Tools->Folder Options-> View, on the toolbar

    Once the file is found please remove (delete) it
    Then go back out, and try opening D Partition normally.

    You should also go through:
    UPDATED 8-step Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions
    To confirm that you do not have any Virus\Malware on your system
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