Issue with blue Screen and memory Dumping

By dskhury
Sep 24, 2008
  1. Hey everyone

    I keep getting Blue Screen of death... its annoying already... before i had my vga on OC... HD4850 @700/1100... i was playing NFS Pro Street and boom... Blue Screen... ok then i decided to make it all stock... THen playing COD4... boom... blue screen of death... so i decided to downgrade my video driver from CCC 8.9 to CCC 8.8... then again playing COD4... blue screen of death... so... now my video card is all on stock, only Fan Speed that i raised to 60%¨, back to CCC8.8, i use a PSU 560 watts to feed this crap... any thought or ideas to fix this???

    this is the error log:

    BCCode: 1000008e
    BCP1: C0000005
    BCP2: 9030B3DC
    BCP3: 9AC9DBAC
    BCP4: 00000000
    OS Version: 6_0_6001
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 768_1

    i left the PC all nigh long on some heavy **** defrag, took about 6 hours to finish, ran kaspersky AV, cleaned all registry and cookies and all that crap... now i left it running memtest at home... this could be a memory problem i guess... since i use 4Gb Kingston memory with a generic chipset...

    Other thing... just came to my mind that i installed a logitech steer wheel on my PC, and before i installed id i never had issues like that.. i´m going to look over that aswell...

    but i really don´t know what the problem is....

    1) I DO use original windows vista SP1 totally updated
    2) My PSU does support my configuration
    3) i´m using all the latest drives
    4) when i uninstall a drive i clean up everything... from programs it´s uses to registry entries on Driver Cleaner Pro and ccleaner..
    5) i run anti-viruses on a daily basis
    6)I clean internet files and all that other crap with ccleaner daily
    7) i run some bad *** defrag about 2 times a week (O&O Defrag)
    8) i treat my computer better than my girlfriend for god sake....

    well... all i got left is the probability that my video card is dead from the overclocking... i´m gonna look for some extreme testing to check how my VC is handling heavy work...

    but still.. if anyone can help me i would appreciate

    One more thing... i´ve been reading that issues like that appears also with people that have installed live sattelite TV programs on the computer, i have unisnstalled already but the problem still exists...

    one more thing... when i play COD4 i play on maps with over 50 Players... m y average FPS is soemwhere arround 80 on 1440x900, AAx4, AFx16 every setting tuned to the max... i usually play for about 20-40 minutes before the BSOD appears... and the GPU temperature never goes above 80... accually it doesn´t even reaches the 80´s celsius

    when i run crysis the Core 0 temp tops on 60 Celsius core 1 tem tops on 58 celsius, GPU temperature tops on 81 celsius...
    well the GPU goes easily above 100 celsius before rebooting and the CPU goes easy above 80-90 before sutthing down.... so i really don´t think is temperature... besides my PC has 3x 120mm exhausts 1 in the back and 2 in the front + the exhaust from the PSU... + a 80 MM exhaust on the side... the GPU and CPU coolers are stock tho... but they are working fine... the GPU fan i set to 60% constant speed... after going in idle the temperature drops like a rock... and the CPU cooler is working fine...

    oh.. and the blue screen i get is that with the memory dump... goes from 0-100% before rebooting... all that on a bigh and shiny blue screen
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