Issues with my microphone and old video card

By Nismo49edu
Apr 7, 2012
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  1. Hi, I recently decided to redo the inside of my computer. I moved my sound card (I believe its a SB Audigy SE or something like that) down a PCI slot. Its recognized as Sound 2 when I run->dxdiag and by programs like Skype (Always has a 2 in front of the SB Audigy mic option like this, 2-SB Audigy). Now the problem is, when I try using skype or listening to the mic through the sound settings, I can't hear my own voice. What bugs me the most about this problem is that the mic picks up on tapping sounds and when I blow on it. This never happened when I had the sound card in the PCI slot right above the current one. Does it have something to do with the computer recognizing Sound 1 as the default device while I am on sound 2? Because the DirectX Diag Tool says sound 2 is not a default device.

    I also wanted to put in an Nvidia 7950 GT into the computer, however i noticed a smoking smell about 10 minutes after starting the computer. I remember the stickers on the copper metal where the fan is peeling off from heat in the past, but it never smoked like that before. could the video card be bad or is the power supply (500W) being strained when i use that video card?
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    You probably burned the motherboard and it will have to be replaced

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