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By outrageous
Sep 11, 2016
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  1. Hello guys I am 21 years old , and I am currently working in an IT company

    I m pretty hyped with my profession and I am searching and learning new stuff every day

    we deal with pretty basic stuff like setting up networks terminals access points servers pretty clean stuff

    some of the most common things are like mapping a network , troubleshoot , computer errors as I said pretty basic stuff

    I just want the help of the more experienced guys in the it field

    I know that you are gonna tell me "make google your best friend" and search it on you own I know guys but for example

    if someone came to my job a more newbie I would definetely have 1 or 2 tips for him to make his life easier which is not on the books

    so that is what want from you

    if there is anything ANYTHING that can make my life easier in a day of work some easier ways to do something anything that you held for your previous jobs

    that can help me is apprieciated

    I LITERALLY mean anyone that has an opinion on this should type an answer

    I m not talking anything specific but anything that when you learned it you said WOW IF KNEW THIS ALL ALONG MY LIFE WOULD BE MUCH EASIER

    thanks in advance guys

    (sorry for bad english)

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