Itunes 7.7 value key error

By chris909iela
Jul 16, 2008
  1. i try to install itunes and it install quick time only but when it gets to the part where it installs itunes it self it comes up with a box that say *could not write value to key \software\classes\.wave\openwithlist\itunes.exe. verify that you have sufficient acces to that key, or contact your support personnel. can someone help me with this i got a hi jack this log i posted up i hope it help i also got a vid. that way you guys can see what really does down and thanx for the help

    um i see it dont let me post links so just hit me up at ilovejenniferdiaz @ verizon. net
    without the spaces
  2. chris909iela

    chris909iela TS Rookie Topic Starter

    \watch?v=JXH8Ps8CMTQ just add
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