iTunes Playlist(s) to USB get scrambled


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MacBook 10.6.8 (old, like me!); iTunes 11.4.18 (I think . . . typical Apple we're-so-far-beyond-cool mentality means the "about iTunes" info scrolls by in the smallest, lightest font possible, so it's just about impossible to read it):

Goal: Transfer Playlists to USB. Yes, that is supposed to be simple -- select Playlist(s) and/or tunes within them, click & drag into USB icon; that works.


Problem: My 'Original" Playlist (not MUSIC Library) is sequentially numbered as I want the tunes to be when I burn to CD; looks nice and orderly in iTunes . . . but when the list appears in the USB, Apple has decided to totally scramble the list (sequence numbers remain, but they mean nothing in this new disordered result. Also, Apple has decided to not only scramble the list but add other numbering that is meaningless to me and has nothing to do with the Playlist form I have created.).


Burning to CD: In order to preserve my sequential numbering, and since the "original" playlist is too long for a single CD, I have created five "sub" playlists, wherein I have divided the tunes so I can merely burn each sublist to CD (and the sequential numbering will remain intact).

Problem: Sublist #1 (the first 22 tunes from the original list) will appear correctly on the CD (numbering sequence, song title, artist). The subsequent sublist CDs (#2 - #5) will have the sequential numbering correct, but the titles and artist info is replaced by "Tune !" "Tune 2" "Tune 3" etc. All the pertinent info has disappeared.

Q #1: Why does Apple scramble the "original" list when it appears on the USB and how can I prohibit that?

Q #2: Why are the other numbers showing up and how can I prohibit that?

Q #3: Why does burning the subsequent CDs (#2 - #5) result in the "Tune 1" "Tune 2" etc., business and how can I prohibit that and have the actual song info appear as it should?

Appreciate any info and assistance. Much appreciated.