Joe Biden calls game developers "little creeps" who make titles that "teach you how to...

Roy Mepham

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Maybe biden should play a few games and loosen up a bit. That stick up his arse must be getting a bit uncomfortable.


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Biden is an old man out of touch with modern voters - specifically Generation Z.

He was a VICE President...not President. Vice Presidents don't have to work as hard to appeal to the masses because they are "secondary" to the cult of personality that has become the presidency.

Trump's approval numbers are below 50% and the next generation of voters - the Sanders/ Warren supporters want him gone regardless his claims on the economic wonders he's brought.

Hillary got 3 MILLION more votes than Trump and only lost because the other 7 Million Obama got in 2008 didn't turn out.

Biden is most likely going to be on the ticket with either Warren or God-Forbid, Sanders.


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Biden needs to be careful about alienating gamers who make up a massive quantity of voters.
But this article and title is pure click-bait. Mr. Biden said:

"when I was trying to work out an agreement dealing with them protecting intellectual property for artists in the United States of America. And at one point, one of the little creeps sitting around that table, who was a multi- — close to a billionaire — who told me he was an artist because he was able to come up with games"

"“And then one of these righteous people said to me that, you know, 'We are the economic engine of America. We are the ones.'"

"The point is, there’s an arrogance about it, an overwhelming arrogance that we are, we are the ones. We can do what we want to do. I disagree.”

Read that and tell me he's wrong. If it transpires that the "creep" was the CEO of EA as is suspected, then we'd all get behind Biden. EA is considered a ruthless multi-billion dollar company, hardly the equivalent of an artist in desparate need of IP protection.

Perhaps the people jumping all over Biden in this article skipped over this line:
"The White House famously used a video to illustrate violence in games back in 2018, which are often blamed following mass shootings."


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People that are not capable of violence can not play or watch the media you speak of. It may not be to blame, but it is spawn from our violent tendencies.
Seeing a depiction of violence does not create from nothing (aka spawn as you put it) human violent tendencies. (And that goes the same for pretending, or playing.) It's human nature itself to be a depraved, desperate, uncaring killer. Man is sick; in some ways similar to many other mammals. The difference is that we have the ability to choose to better ourselves and be "civilized." Media is not the spawn of our evil nature.

Bullwinkle M

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The comics make our kids violent!
The TV makes our kids violent!
The radio makes our kids violent!
The movies make our kids violent!
The video games make our kids violent!

Interesting, these pearl clutchers never cite their horrid policies and treatment of US citizens as sources of violence.

They murder other Americans, lie about the victims, or get the FBI to perjur the testimony of other officers in Federal Court to lock up the victims and keep them quiet in Federal Prison so they can get away with more crimes and then blame video games when you've had enough of their crap

I speak from experience!

Employee's of an International Corporation tried to have me murdered, then committed several other crimes to cover it up

The Fed's perjured the testimony of other officers in FEDERAL Court to cover it up (and this can be easily proven)

I was denied a trial
Denied the right to fire the court appointed shill
Forced to take a plee that I clearly refused
and railroaded to keep me quiet

Oh, did I mention the U.S. postal service was caught opening my legal mail to the Dept of justice just prior to 911 ?

I laughed my *** of when they tried to sentence me for crimes I never committed on Sept 11, 2001 but couldn't due to the fact that Big Business, the Federal Gov't and (later) the postal service were hit back by people who have had enough of their bull$hit

The VERY group who caused this mess in the first place got what they deserved!


It ain't the video games morons

Look in a fricken mirror!

Bullwinkle J Moose
A REAL American Hero!
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I think he has the guys that wrote the drone software confused with the people designing puzzle game and ways to make you think of overcoming impossible odds. They could be the same people, but I'm pretty sure the drones for profit win this one.


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Hey Joe, guess what? Your kids and grand kids and kids after them, all play video games.


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Biden probably lost GenX and Millenials and me of the Boomers/Duke Nukem gen although my reflexes are shot.


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WOW! This article brought out the wild ones...LOL!

Biden just lost the gamer vote, and that is one BIG demographic. What a complete nit-wit.
Unbelievable. Did any of you actually read the article (other than the clickbait title) before commenting?

Joe called the game company CEO an arrogant little creep. The creep was the one who said "... he was an artist because he was able to come up with games to teach you how to kill people."

Joe was quoting the arrogant little creep.

At least complain about what he ACTUALLY said - I.e. adding extra taxes to "violent" video games.


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Joe called the game company CEO an arrogant little creep. The creep was the one who said "... he was an artist because he was able to come up with games to teach you how to kill people."

Joe was quoting the arrogant little creep.
I used to teach people how to kill with their bare hands. Does that make me an arrogant little creep too? Biden is special-snowflaking on a dev he singled out. The guy is a wuss and a coward. Little more.
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Guns should not be blamed for what is a human violence problem either.
How many people have been killed in real life by a video game vs guns? There's a big difference here. One is a tool solely built for violence.

It sounds like an extension for the argument that taking away AK47s is taking away your right to bare arms, which in fact doesn't specify only guns. Arms are weapons, period.

I mean who knows? Maybe by "bare arms," they actually meant "bear arms," and it was simply a misspelling? Who wouldn't want bear arms anyway? If it wasn't a misspelling, perhaps the founders were tired of not having air conditioning invented yet and really just wanted sleeveless shirts rather than all of that frilly crap they had to wear.
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How so?
Atleast they should be a bit more intouch and not think things like video games are the spawn of the devil.
You answered your own question and don't realize it. The problem that you brought up is our desire to have some form of evil in our lives. I wasn't focusing on just one issue. But they all spawn from the same flaws of our society. Flaws that are getting worse as time goes by. I absolutely feel sorry for our future kids. And am ashamed of the future we are leaving for them.
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I mean who knows? Maybe by "bare arms," they actually meant "bear arms," and it was simply a misspelling?
It's not bare. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." One of the definitions of bear is "to carry"... so... you've actually been the one misspelling it...
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