John McAfee appointed CEO of gaming investment firm, renames company after himself


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John McAfee is back in the spotlight yet again. The Libertarian Party presidential candidate, who wasn’t afraid to voice his controversial opinions on the Apple/FBI dispute, is now the executive chairman and CEO of MGT Capital Investments, a small startup that invests in fantasy sports and mobile games.

With his typical McAfee flair, the new CEO’s first move was to rename the company after himself - MGT Capital Investments will be changing its name to John McAfee Global Technologies, Inc.

News of McAfee’s appointment caused shares in MGT to shoot up more than 30 percent. The Harrison, New York-based company has entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire certain technologies from D-Vasive, McAfee’s mobile app that lets users manage and monitor a device's internal hardware.

“The enormous impact of cybersecurity on our lives requires the scale and resources of a public company,” McAfee said in a statement. “With the acquisition of D-Vasive technology as a starting point, we expect to grow MGT into a successful and major force in the space.”

It was also announced that MGT has entered into a consulting agreement with Future Tense Secure Systems, a “technology incubator with investments in other applications requiring privacy, such as file sharing and chat,” which is also headed by McAfee. All in all, the move looks like a lucrative one for the antivirus software pioneer.

The deal still needs to be approved by MGT’s stockholders, but considering that the company’s share price has already increased following news of his arrival, it's unlikely there will be any objections.

At the height of the FBI’s battle with Apple, McAfee said he could break the San Bernardino iPhone’s encryption for free with his team of super hackers. He later admitted that this was a lie to bring more attention to the case.

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Good for him, could care less. But that picture, the guy behind McAfee, what a great facial expression, maybe he had an itchy nose but didn't want to be caught scratching it.


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Intentionally lies to the press to cause a stir for an ongoing case, and now we're supposed to take him seriously after his bath salt escapades?


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Hey, I'm John McAfee, a modest man, from a small town I called McAfee, I made a famous anti-virus which brilliant updates brought down businesses country wide more than once, and now I'm into hostile takeovers and world domination...


...unless they pay me........ 999 thousand, 999 dollars and 99 cents...

it is a loan for my friend, and his brilliant political projects...

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Judging by his appearance he's just crawled out of one. I've seen better groomed Aussies that've been living in the outback all their lives...skanky narcissist.

I don't understand why McAfee Anti-Virus hasn't changed name already. Having this lunatic constantly embarrassing himself in the media has to have a negative effect on the company stock.


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I am so ashamed to be a libertarian with this bat crazy nut job as the libertarian presidential candidate.