Judge OKs private domain seizures, orders search engine filtering


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Chanel, a luxury goods company, has gone after roughly 700 websites thought to be selling counterfeit, Chanel-branded goods. As a result, a federal judge in Nevada has given the company…

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What if the supplier had no idea he was buying fake goods in the first place?

If chanel need a specialist to tell if the goods are real or not what chance has average joe got?


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And this

" the court also ordered that "all Internet search engines" and "all social networks" are to remove any references to the domains in question"

Just makes me rofl, good luck searching forums, you tube comments, ftp sites, ect ect.

Just googling "fake chanel" gave me 4,770,000 results.. Its a starting point i guess :)


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We should E-mail Google, Microsoft And Yahoo and ask them to remove "Sopa's" website from their search engines. They're fraudulent, if you read about it carefully it states that they are censoring for the better good or something around those lines



Holy mother of god!
Does this mean i can become a judge, because i could also arbitrarily render verdicts and ignore any local, state, federal, or world-wide laws that may exist.

i mean...who the fook cares about due process?