Just Cause movie is in the works from the creator of John Wick

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German film production and distribution company Constantin Film has secured the movie rights to Just Cause, the hit action-adventure franchise from developer Avalanche Studios, and pegged John Wick creator Derek Kolstad to write the script.

Kolstad will also serve as a producer alongside Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer and Adrian Askarieh from Prime Universe Films. Square Enix is listed as an executive producer, as is Constantin Film’s Martin Moszkowicz.

The flick will follow the video game’s blueprint, Deadline said, with protagonist Rico Rodriguez racing against the clock to stop a lethal mercenary group called The Black Hand. The game, as you may know, is named after the real-life invasion of Panama in 1989 in which the US removed Manuel Noriega from power.

Earlier rumors suggested Jason Momoa would play Rico Rodriguez although it’s unclear if that’s still in the cards.

The first Just Cause arrived in 2006, setting the stage for a successful franchise with a large, open-world environment ripe for exploration via land, sea and air. It was followed by Just Cause 2 in 2010, Just Cause 3 in 2015 and last year’s Just Cause 4.

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I guess Hollywood figures that the Fast and Furious spinoffs alone won't be enough to sate the rednecks. They'll certainly have the cartoon physics covered: Just Cause makes your typical wire-fu martial arts flick seem downright realistic.


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I need more fingers for that game(Just Cause). It was fun but more then I could handle


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I lost faith when Fantastic Four and All Resident evils was mentioned, Then Regained a bit when saw John Wick...