Keep i7 Yoga 9i and Ryzen 9 Asus G14 or wait for Alder Lake / Raptor Lake and DDR5

My 2012 model 3rd Gen. Intel i5, 16 GB (maxed out) Lenovo X230 bought in mid 2014 is still running fine and is my primary PC. I even do a good bit of image-editing on it every once in a while, and while some Topaz AI programs like Sharpen AI or Gigapixel AI take a while on it, I have been living with it. After 7.5 years I wanted to check out some new laptops and splurged on a Yoga 9i Shadow Black 2-in1 touch-enabled 4K model with i7, 16 GB soldered RAM and another laptop, an ASUS G14 Zephyrus gaming laptop (though I am NOT a gamer) with Ryzen 9 5000HS and 16 GB RAM (upgradeable to 40 GB) and a discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3060 GPU with 6 GB dedicated VRAM. The latter is lightning quick wih the aforementioned Topaz programs, and the Yoga 9i is quite an improvement as well. The Yoga 9i also has excellent audio and is a convertible touch-enabled 2-in-1 with 4K display. I paid about $1300 for each laptop (both promptly upgraded to Windows 11) and believe that the price point is really attractive.

While both are substantial improvements over my existing Lenovo X230, and I was planning to kep them, I am now having second thoughts in view of the fact that my X230 (though not upgradeable to Windows 11, and neither is my other i3 desktop from 2016) is still going strong and Alder Lake (possibly Raptor Lake, if I wait a bit longer) plus DDR5 are around the corner. I am still within the extended holiday return period, and I am wondering if I should hold on to my hard-earned $2600 for a year or two, and get what might be far better and more advanced laptops, especially as I really wanted mimimum 32 GB RAM (preferably 64 GB) on both. The ASUS G14, though upgradeable to 40 GB RAM, will only run 16 of the 40 GB in dual channel mode. The 14-inch Yoga 9i is quite thin and light at 3.1 lbs and 0.6-inches, and the ASUS G14, though quite small by gaming laptop standards, is about 3.6 lbs and thicker and bigger than I would have liked. My question is, will it be worth my while to wait a year or two, maybe even 3 years, for one or two state of the art laptops (one, preferably a Lenovo Thinkpad) with all the bells or whistles and whether I will be able to snag two comparable laptops (one well-specced ultra-portable for everyday use including frequent amateur image-processing and travel like the Yoga 9i and another, top-of-the-line portable reasonably thin-and-light image-processing beast like the Ryzen 9-powered ASUS G14 AT A COMPARABLE PRICE POINT.


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You are probably overthinking it. These new laptops are all a huge improvement over what we have been offered just a few years ago. There will always be something around the corner that is better. The Thinkpad line is my favourite. You might want to look at the Lenovo Carbon X1 if you are seeking the ultimate laptop. =)