Kernel inpage data error

Been having a look thru the forum recently, read a few people with the same problems` topics but going to start my own.
had this problem now for a couple of weeks, just randomly happens!

Not sure what specs you need but the basics:
OS:Windows 7
2.00GB RAM
HP Presario CQ61 Notebook

attached 5 most recent minidumps.. havent got a clue what could be causing it myself! tried updating drivers to no avail.
usually stays on for about 20-25 mins before crashing, everytime I try to go on the laptop alright in safe mode tho


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Although the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR error cited in all but one dumps points at varying issues. In this case as the second parameter is cx185 it is a pretty reasonable indication that your hard drive may be faling or HDD data cable may have some issues, although the latter is less likely to be the case. I would suggest you to check the make/model of your HDD through Device Manager, then go to the site of its manufacturer and download HDD diagnostic tool to thoroughly check it.
i have same problem

i have the exact same model as you, and i have the same problem. the exact same thing happens to me. i can go on my laptop for anywhere between 20 mins- a few hours. but it will crash, go to a blue screen, and say - KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR . and then it will restart.
please can someone help me, i want my laptop to work!