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  1. Now before you go asking 'Why did you label it as Software? That's a Hardware issue' this is not a Hardware issue. It cannot be. Why? Let me start from the beginning.

    I am currently on a Windows 10 Professional x64 install. Nothing else should really matter too much, but if need be I'll provide other info in subsequent posts. I have had this keyboard for a couple of years. It's served me well. Then suddenly, out of the blue, my zero key stops wanting to work. The one above my P key on the US keyboard. I know this is not a Hardware issue because if it was, it wouldn't just stop at the zero key. It'd stop me from inputting a ) anywhere. But as you can see, that works just fine. That being the case, I scoured the internet for some sort of answer to this. Having found none, I looked for key testers as hard as I could. I found a Java Key Event Tester, which was even better for me because it gave me a very important insight as to the nature of my issue. For some reason, my keyboard does not want to register a KeyDown OR a KeyPress event. It will, however, register a KeyUp. So I can lift the key up and it'll register 'Oh hey. He lifted the key up from having it pressed down.' But it won't register 'Oh hey. That key was pressed down. Let's input the corresponding input associated with that key.' I am at my wits end on here. I need help. Either a program that can find something related to why this is the case, or otherwise. Any sort of help is appreciated, and I would very much like info on this. I will upload a PDF-picture that shows what the Javascript Key Event Tester is showing me. I thank you for any and all help going forward.

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    What output do you get for shift+0? Does that show the keydown events?

    You really need to try the keyboard on another computer to rule out a hardware issue. Do you have a laptop it could be plugged into?
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    As I said, Shift+0 works just fine. Also, this paranormal phenomenon (because by this point, this is beginning to feel like gremlins or something) stops happening when I reset my computer. So the 0 key is working for now. But after it's been on for a while, it goes right back to its non-working ways. So your thought to try it in a different computer is moot because I'd need to test it non-stop for a while in that other computer. Which... since resetting the computer fixes it temporarily, it does seem like it's a software thing rather than a hardware issue. I've had this issue with other keyboards as well, too. I remember because I was upset that I had to give up my G15 when I found the 0 wasn't working. So I went to a normal Dell USB 2.0 Keyboard. Did the same thing after a while. I wish I knew what was the cause of this... I'm really sorry if I'm not making sense or anything of the sort. I don't really understand it myself. But thank you for the input anyway, Endless.

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