Keyboard and mouse problems


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Hello, I just started a project on a computer that I found in my grandfather’s barn. The computer is a custom built desktop from 2005 and it boots fine, except for one thing.

After the Windows XP logo has loaded, the screen turns black and text appears saying “Please Select Boot Options” or something similar to that. But when this screen appears it also tells me to “Type Any Key” I then try to type and my keyboard and mouse do not respond at all. Before this screen, the devices work just fine then they shut off. I have tried every single other port on my computer and I still run into the same problem.

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Time to dig further. I suspect that your detailed description of the booting process may be a bit fuzzy. I would expect the motherboard maker's splash screen to appear before the Windows XP screen. If I am right then the issue is getting a boot record from the HDD. HDD are weakest link (PSU is second, bad thermal paste is third), especially if living (sleeping?) in a barn for a number of years - could be all 3 or more.

If motherboard and RAM are healthy and all else in pretty good shape, the boot process gets to the point that it wants a boot record (“Please Select Boot Options”) which it cannot find. Let's see if we can find one (keep detailed notes!!)...

1> Examine motherboard - get maker, model number, version (please report same so we can follow)
2> Locate maker's website and search under 'support' for information - hopefully a manual is available
3> Read the manual - familiarize yourself with BIOS and boot process
4> Disconnect power cable attached to HDD but keep DVD drive and USBs attached
5> Locate boot media (on DVD or USB flash - whatever system can use) and try to boot
How does it go? Please report details - display, sounds, etc.

If you are a bit lost, please look up definitions and tips at

Tell us all the details - and we will then look into reviving the HDD and/or properly reviving this machine (battery, thermal paste, cleaning, locating parts, etc)