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Billy Smith

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Alrighty all, I am new to the pc world and just bought a pre-built pc (yes I know), and am having some troubles. Obviously the keyboard and mouse they gave me are straight garbage, so I needed a different option. I bought another set, and went to use them and all went fine until about 15 minutes in when my mouse decided to stop scrolling in everything but my settings menu. Also, everytime I click on a pinned item on my taskbar, it opens a new page instead of opening and closing that page like it should. I restart my computer with the old ones and it works fine. I have tried twice with this new keyboard and mouse with the same thing happening both times. Any help??

Cycloid Torus

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Growing Pains - you are new at this and it will be confusing and challenging - 'context' combined with 'capabilities' is probably what you are experiencing.

The basic mouse and keyboard is a good way to begin. Once you 'know' how they work, then you can explore using the 2-5 other buttons/movements/etc which a high-powered mouse gives.

I thoroughly recommend ComputerHope as a reference during this period of trial and error.

ps I've been using (and building) PCs since the late 70s and I still have this happen - where a driver or a program has a 'hidden' feature (like swipe right while holding the ctrl button down) will catapult me into a new and confusing place.