Keyboard & Mouse Layout Suggestion :)

By teh_fuzzyness
Jul 7, 2008
  1. Hello TS!

    I am wondering if any of you PC gamers could help out with some suggestions.

    I have a Wolf Claw 2 gaming keyboard which i have used for over 2 years and its falling apart. I love the thing. However, b4 i simply go and get another, I'm wondering if i can refresh my layout with some other products.

    I was thinking of getting the <Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse ($50 on amazon)> with a Compact Keyboard(preferably Back-lit) and an independent keypad, like the Belkin N52.

    My main problem is, i am not a fan of regular square keyboards cuz they are very limiting to key bindings in fast pace gaming.

    Now, the mouse I'm sure ill love, but if any of you out there can recommend some products I'd greatly appreciate it. My budget for all 3 pieces is about about $150


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