Keyboard replacement


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I've had this keyboard

for quite a while now (almost 5 years) and it has been quite an adventure. The basic UI it came with was perfect (as I don't want to spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to open my media player with 1 button). Leading me to my basic and very important need for a new gaming keyboard.

My new keyboard will need to have media controls...that open things besides Windows Media Player (Ituns, Spotify, etc). I despise WMP and often click to use my music without a thought. It's convenient and a luxury I no longer choose to live without. I don't care whether the KB is mechanical or not as long as the keys aren't squished together, raised to ridiculous "ergonomic" heights, or covered in a rubber that will fade in a few months.

My reclusa has just one button that the letter has faded from in it's 4 years of use, I think that's pretty awesome when world of warcraft is basically just spamming one button for hours at a time.

I would like my new KB to have macro keys besides the media panel (which I'm assuming all gaming KBs come with today) and as user-friendly as possible. I looked up the BlackWidow linked as the "Unicorn" KB on MMO's Setup of the Month and found that quite a few people are experiencing issues with keys becoming stuck in some way or another or just failing to work at all...something like 8-9%. I don't want to play the lottery when I'm spending this much money on a luxury item. The "Narwhal" keyboard G110 seemed fantastic until I realized the keys are TINY, smaller than my laptops keyboard. This is just unacceptable.

So all-in-all guys (and gals), I am looking for your kind help. If you've got the perfect KB (or maybe have owned one in the past) that meets my needs, please post its name/model! Very much appreciated

Also, what the hell is the big deal with "mechanical" keyboards?

Req. Again:
1) Keys that won't fade
2) Keys the standard (or close to) size
3) Media controls (for things besides WMP)
4) Easily programmable macro keys
5) Backlit (Could be red, white, and blue as long as it lights up with some form of lighting)
6) Not required but would be nice, headphone jack that does not cut out any sound


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Corsair K90 would be my suggestion. Laser etched keys which will never fade, dedicated media controls, lots of macro keys and backlit.

I've had the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate for about a year and haven't experienced any quality issues. The media controls aren't that useful though (you have to fold the Fn key). Everything else is awesome.

Trust me when I say that when you get a mechanical keyboard you will never ever think of going back to a normal membrane keyboard.


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Personally speaking I think you've got yourself a fine keyboard right now, heck 5 years ago your keyboard was "cutting edge" and still has a little bit more gas in the tank. I'm very much speaking from personal experience in regards to "our" keyboard......look familiar?


Even got the matching Microsoft Habu eliminated mouse! :)

I'd just say replace it with what you already have, I did, my Microsoft Reclusa is my second one, the first one the eliminated blue under key light burnt out. But as slh28 recommended that Corsair K90, that's a pretty good one as well, got a friend that has one of those and on many levels it will match my keyboards functionality, and some minor areas......surpass it!