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Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a computer science degree and a top-dollar gaming studio to create the next gaming sensation. Take Flappy Bird as an example. That said, you'll still need a solid understanding of the industry's best tools to create the next big hit, and the Unity A to Z Game Development Bundle can get you there for $49.

This collection boasts more than 80 hours of training with Unity, an industry favorite for creating games, across seven beginner-friendly courses. You'll learn the essentials of working with this game engine as you explore design, coding, and modeling. Plus, you'll get hands-on training by creating your own game projects, like clones of Super Mario Run and Angry Birds.

You can get the Unity A to Z Game Development Bundle on sale for $49, saving more than 90 percent off its normal retail price.

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If you're interested in Unity development, you can also check out this Groupees video course bundle. It has a choice of 44 courses ranging in price from $0.5 to $2.