KVM and Bluetooth

By 512dude
Feb 20, 2010
  1. I am thinking of getting a KVM Switch in particular I/O Gears USB based switch that works with one USB Mouse and Keyboard.

    I happen to have a Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard so I was wondering if I plug the USB Bluetooth receiver stick into the USB 'in' port on the KVM switch if both computers will respond to the Bluetooth unit coming on and off line as I switch between them?

    I suppose it may be a bit slow as each computer would have to recognize the Bluetooth receiver and add it to the devices. Is there a solution to this to allow a user to use Bluetooth devices?

    My forum search didn't turn up much that was helpful.

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    good question, i cant answer it but i would love to know...
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    My best guess: It should work. I believe it should be equivalent to manually unplugging/replugging the USB Bt transceiver into the USB port. (so you might want to manually try that on each computer a few times at different times to see how each computer responds)

    When you first connect your USB Bt receiver to the port Windows "Adds" the device (i.e. install the drivers). Note when you plug in/unplug/replug the USB Bt transceiver into the same USB port, you only see the "Add device" windows pop-ups the first time. Subsequent times are quicker as the driver for the USB port is already installed.
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    I purchased the I/O Gear USB KVM Model GCS632U and it sort of works.

    With a wired USB keyboard and the Bluetooth wireless mouse (Microsoft Laser Mouse 8000) the system responds but the Bluetooth device keeps loading and unloading as I hear the characteristic Windows USB device attached and dettached "ding dong" sounds. This causes the mouse to hang up for 5-10 seconds at a time which is very annoying.

    With both the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard (Microsoft Keyboard 7000) attached I can't get the KVM switch to recognize any of the hotkey commands (CTRL+CTRL or SCRL LOCK + SCRL LOCK) to switch between computers.

    I opened up the Device Manager window and each time I depress a key the HID drivers disappear and reappear over and over and the keyboard doesn't really respond well at all.

    I/O Gear claims in their manual that they have some unique USB "sniffing technology" for USB keyboard and mouse emulation to ensure smooth operation. That may be the thing that is causing the load and unload issues.

    Not sure how to solve this....

    Wonder if using two transceiver units, one on each box would work? Although there is no way to tell which one should be operating at what time as i switch from box to box.

    Any other ideas?
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