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LAN/Internet connection suddenly lost for New sessions

By mixin23
Mar 8, 2009
  1. Hi everyone - I appreciate your helping in trying to resolve this...

    I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 running Windows XP SP3 that I've had for two years. I'm running IE Explorer, McAfee Security Center & Wireless security. I have had NO issues with my hard-wired or wired internet connections prior until about six weeks ago. I use my PC for both work usage (MS Office 2007, SAP, etc.) and personal usage.

    My issue is a follows: I can be connected to a wireless LAN connection and have multiple things up and running (SAP, Internet, streaming music, etc.). I will go to open a new session in IE 7.0 and the new session will give the typical error message you see when you are not connected to the internet. While I get this error, my other sessions continue to run without issue (e.g. SAP, streaming music, etc.). If i try to refresh a page as an example though (like the streaming music), then that page stops working (but my SAP system/GUI connection will still operate without issue!). I have tried to disconnect my pc from the wireless connection and re-connect, and it still doesn't work. I occassionally get it to repair by hibernating my PC or putting into Standby mode, but typically I have to reboot - then it works flawlessly again (until it suddenly stops again). If I step away from my PC for a while, sometimes I come back and my whole internet connection isn't working.

    I have only had this issue once on a wired LAN connection (at the office) - but i'm typically connected wirelessly, so that's when i've seen it most. I have installed Google Chrome in case it was an IE issue - but it appears to not be IE specific. I've tried to 'restore' IE 7.0 - but that doesn't seem to have solved it either. This happens on more than my wireless network though - so i'm pretty convinced it's an issue with my PC and not my network or wireless router. The issue is that I don't know if it's a hardware issue or a software (registry, etc.) issue. I've run McAfee checks, CCleaner, SpyBot, etc. - and they are all clean.

    Any ideas on where to start? Even pointing me in the right direction of what to do to see what is operating correctly or incorrectly when the issue starts would be very helpful.

    Sorry for the long email - but it's a weird issue to describe and investigate. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    Uninstall McAfee, run a registry cleaner and install Free AVAST or AVG and see if your connection troubles end
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