Laptop blue screens while booting from disk

By ospring87
Oct 30, 2010
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  1. A few months ago my Toshiba laptop blue screened and never recovered. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is and after trying everything I could to recover the laptop I'm still at a loss as to what exactly the problem is. I'm an experienced IT person and usually can get things like this working but before I go out and buy a new motherboard, I just want to make sure that is what the problem is.

    When trying to boot from any disk to say reinstall windows or even boot into a live CD, the computer freezes. I've tried to install Windows XP and Windows 7, but the laptop will freeze during the disk bootup and not get anywhere near the install portion. It does start to boot up at least, but I get the blue screen mostly when the Windows logos appear.

    I've also tried booting from a Linux live CD, into BartPE and also a mini-XP version and all freeze during the boot up process. I've tried replacing memory, that didn't fix the solution. I get one beep during bootup so I assume all is fine there.

    Basically my next move of action is to buy a new motherboard and try that, but I don't want to go and spend the money only to replace it and find out that wasn't the problem.

    These are two of the blue screens I've received:

    While Booting from Windows XP Install Disk

    While Booting from Windows 7 Install Disk

    Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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