Laptop built in keyboard is not working

So I'm unsure whether this is a hardware or software issue.
I didn't use my laptop for a few days and when I turned it on most buttons on the keyboard either type a different letter, presses a utility key or does nothing at all.
A few examples my a button types the time and date, my Fn key presses F2 and v presses delete.
I have searched for a solution and found the following:
change the language
set keyboard layout to qwerty
remove the keyboard driver
press num lock
restart my computer
none of these worked and I can't find any other solutions.
any help would be appreciated.


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Find the model number of your laptop underneath it, bring it back here.
Specify which windows OS is currently installed on it.
Its an Acer aspire E5-411 running windows 10
another thing I tried is accessing the bios but when started it from power down I never got the text saying what button to press. also repeatedly pressing f1, f2 and delete didn't do anything
EDIT: I checked for updates so its the latest version