Laptop Cooling Concerns

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Apr 4, 2008

    I recently bought this laptop due to its price[700 dollars] and nice specifications for the price[8600M GS]. I apparently bought the last one in stock, and a day after that it became deactivated on Newegg. However, after reading through their slightly inactive forums, I am having second thoughts. This laptop ships on Monday, and the order can not be canceled.


    I hear a lot of people talking about high temperatures. As such, most of my post consists of topics relating temperatures.


    I see mention of RMClock a lot due to the high temperatures the CPU gets. I know this is needed to prevent throttling, which will make the CPU go down to 800MHZ and slow down the system.
    Are these good voltages for RMClock for an AMD Athlon TK-53 (1.7 GHZ)?

    .75 V

    .925 V

    Cooling Products

    I scoured Newegg for a few cooling solutions/RAM to add onto the laptop. Please give me your opinions?

    Arctic Silver 5

    Evercool Notebook Cooler/Stand

    Evercool Exhaust Fan

    G.Skill DDR2, 667 MHZ 1GB RAM

    The Arctic Silver 5 and RAM are pretty self explanatory. The notebook cooler was my personal choice. It looks sleek, cools pretty well according to the numerous reviews I read about it, and also acts as a stand, which is nice.

    The exhaust fan is the one I'm a bit iffy about. One of the reviews I read said it doesn't lower temperatures at all. However, looking at this fan, it's like it was made for this notebook. Even the evercool demonstration looks like this notebook, with only a right-hand side exhaust! Do you think I should buy the exhaust, or not? If I do, it's an extra 15 dollars.
    [Note, I am only 15 years old, my dad is buying me this stuff. Laptop was only 700, unexpectedly cheap, so I may be able to get away with more things. Any opinions?]

    Other than those concerns, I'm pretty happy with the rest of the laptop. I'll just slap an extra 1 GB of RAM on there and tweak Vista for my needs.
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    I don't have a lot to contribute to your thread, and I am sorry for that. I simply wanted to say; great first post! The fact that your 15 just tops it off and I wish that some of the adults that come TechSpot looking for some form of assistance would post something half as decent as you have.

    Aye, Arctic Silver 5 and the RAM are both indeed self-explanatory. I can't really comment on that cooler as I haven't used it (or read about it) and I don't know if there are any boogie-men to watch for when buying one.

    That said, I would suggest to you purely from a financial standpoint (although it's not exactly expensive), that you hold off on the cooler until you see for sure that it's required. Give your new PC a shot before you lay down some more of your father's cash for an item that may well not even be needed.
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    Umm 27th post
  4. Matthew

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    Lmao, yes, I'm aware, and as unbelievable as it might seem I was referring to his first post in this thread. As in, it was well constructed and easy to follow versus half of the garbage we're forced to drudge through.
  5. Needle

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    I am not sure whether or not the exhaust is just a vent, or if it also has a fan. I'm pretty sure it's just a vent, so it should help temperatures if I give the exhaust some help. I plan to do a bit of overclocking hopefully, depending on my temperature results. I'm still undecided.
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