Laptop crashed

By sunilsahota
Jul 14, 2005
  1. hey- well i brought my latop 3 weeks ago and its been working excellent its a compaq intel p4! and today i turned it on and the same windows update thing came up and i finished update and all of a sudden the computer freezes! and then a blue screen telling me to resart the i did and now everytime i turn it on it tells me "no operating system found" in bios. so i tryed to reformat windows (xp) by using the disk they gave me and once started it asks if i wnna fully format, when i press enter for yes a message that states "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer....canot continue, press f3 to restart" i cnt seem to work my way around it! normally when i reformat i just enter in commands using bios but for sumreason this time its not letting me!....any one help!?
  2. twizttid1

    twizttid1 TS Rookie

    Firstly, I'd check your bios..... see if it detects the harddrive...... you MAY have loose connections to the HDD in your machine check those out....
    and Lastly, if all else fails you, swap out the HDD for another you know works....
    If the puppy is still under warranty..... take it back!
  3. FrankWhite

    FrankWhite TS Rookie

    Hey! Yea I had this same problem. I fixed it by pressing F10 as I booted my computer to enter setup. Then under the option for SATA I selected disabled. I rebooted, booted from the Windows XP CD, and there was no problems. Hope this is of assistance.
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