Laptop crashing and requiring hard reset

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Jul 17, 2013
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  1. Hello everyone, im new to the the community and require some help with my HP laptop. Ive had it now for roughly 3 years and now when I watch videos or youtube links it will cause my computer to freeze and lockup. There is still an image on my screen but keyboard, mouse, and peripherals no longer work and I have to do a hard reset to reboot the computer. This has happened recently and I have no idea why. I have updated all files from windows, updated Java, updated flash player, bios, and graphic driver. I'm running out of ideas and I want to make sure its not a hardware problem before I go to my last resort and reformat and reinstall windows. Thanks

    My laptop specs:
    HP Pavillion Dv6
    Windows 7 Home edition
    6gb Ram
    AMD Phenom II 960 Quad Core 1.8 ghz
  2. terry5880

    terry5880 TS Enthusiast Posts: 321

    Do a memtest u can download it from here undewr downloads or google free memtest 86 run it and see if any errors let it run for 4 passes which could be all night like 6 to 10 hours
  3. phazonknight

    phazonknight TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, dwlin now and will let it run while I'm at work
  4. phazonknight

    phazonknight TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright so after running memtest for 8 hours, I got to pass 21 when I came home from work, so im assuming my RAM is good
  5. terry5880

    terry5880 TS Enthusiast Posts: 321

    IS THAT ALL GOOD no errors

    if no errors then go to start computer then system properties then device manager and make sure the is no exclamation marks next to any of the drivers

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