Laptop fan burnt out and computer wont boot

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Dec 26, 2009
  1. Hi,

    This is my first time posting here and I was hoping someone would be able to help me. The fan on my Compaq Presario laptop burnt out. (a core 2 duo) At first, it would still boot, but wouldn't stay on for longer than 30 mins. Well, now, it wont even boot at all. The light on the adapter still lights up when plugged in so there is still power going to it.

    I was going to just replace the fan, but now I'm affraid I burnt out something else due to the fan not running. Is this possible? I don't want to send it in for service if something like the processor could be shot and its not worth fixing.

    Thanks! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

  2. raybay

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    Usually, the laptop has protection circuits so that it will not run if the fan doesn't turn or does not cool. You will find that a replacement fan is not easily found, and certainly not easy to install. Some of the Presario laptops require a simple fan replacement, but others have an assemblage of a fan, heatsink, and CPU heatsink all molded into one.

    But replace whatever unit you have and it should work fine.

    You get to it by removing 8 to 12 screws from the bottom. Keep notes on which size screws go where. Then remove the keyboard, taking care not to bend or stress the ribbone cable from the computer to the monitor. You will find the fan assembly in one corner. held in with five to eight screws.

    The Compaq Presario laptop fans sell on eBay for from $6.99 to $26.56, if you can wait that long. Most have photographs of what the removed fan looks like.

    Good luck.
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    Ask for a free estimate first or pay $39 for them to diagnose the problem. Fan replacement is easy as Raybay has mentioned below. I've done many times. If you only use the laptop on your desk or lap then you can buy Antec cooling pad the best one is made with Aluminum that has two turbo fans that run off USB. That would keep the laptop cool until you ready to send it in for repairs.
  4. chris77

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    I havent been using it at all b/c it wont turn on. Every place I call says that they have to send fan repairs out and don't do it in house. Geek Squad said they will look at it there quick to tell me if it's something I can easlily replace myself. I figure if its just the fan, it will be worth repairing, but if the whole thing burned out, its better to just buy a new laptop. We were dum dums and left it on the couch! :eek: We just bought a lapdesk, but I only recently heard of the cooling desk.

    I've installed hardware in a desktop, but never a laptop so I'm a bit weary of doing it myself.

    Thanks for your advice!
  5. raybay

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    Does the ligh
    Then your only choices are to take it to a repair shop, send it to Compaq, or send it to one of the repair sources posted on eBay, many of which are very good.

    In most parts of the country, a repair shop will charge $65 to $85 an hour, plus parts... but you will find some who will fix it for $65 total.

    You can often get a diagnosis of whether it is worth fixing for a lot less. In our area, it costs $35. In our area Computer Geeks leave your house with $150 in their pocket.

    Yes, you could have ruined your processor. But the Compaq will usually detect the problem first and shut itself down until repairs are made... It is rare that the CPU is actually damaged.

    But otherwise, you are stuck with a dead laptop. So you likely cannot harm it further by doing the work yourself.
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