Laptop Hard Drive Insertion

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Jun 24, 2003
  1. Well, my HP laptop had a head crash, and HP finally provided me with the parts to fit the new one.

    But theres a fair bit of resistance, and I am wondering is this normal? I don't want to break the system connector or the convertor that took seven days to come from France to attach it with....

    The laptop is an Omnibook 6000, F2204W
  2. Goalie

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    Typically a little bit of resistance is expected, like pushing a vid cable into the card, but not a whole lot. Assuming you've assembled a few computers or repaired some, you know about the right resistsance for "going in right" and the "something's hosed" feeling...

    Can you be more descriptive of the converter? Is it perhaps possible that the converter plus the drive length causes the drive to be too long for the bay it's in?

    Also, what sort of connector is on the hard drive, and how does that compare to the connector from your old, dead hard drive?. That could be useful info in trying to diagnose this.
  3. MYOB

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    arrghh.... HP finally admitted they gave me the wrong convertor, and that they no longer make the convertor I need... for the replacement, I have to wait for another 6000 with water damage/squashed/whatever to come in. But I did get a courtesy machine

    It felt like "Something's about to bend" resitance though...
  4. Goalie

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    If it's the wrong converter, likely, since the pins wouldn't line up. ;)

    At least they gave you a holdover, many companies won't do that even after they've f*ed up. You might search price watch on your HD model number... I find many spare parts that way...

    Good luck!
  5. MYOB

    MYOB TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 492

    They've replaced the convertor, laptop works fine now... I only got the temp laptop (which was running RedHat 8.0, oddly enough) by the fact that I live very close to the fab and could go and pick it up...
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