Laptop has issues playing games


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Since my friend is too stressed as well as not the type to go on places like this I am asking for him.

He has a AMD Athlon II P340 Dual-Core 2.2Ghz laptop with 3 gigs of ram and a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series 1.5GB, the thing is 4 years old. Well he has been having issues with games and since I own a desktop I only know so much about what its really capable of...

Anyway, he wants to play games like Warframe, War thunder and not need to lower the settings all the way just to in some cases barely play. Also seems he cannot run Just cause 2. Now another friend I talked to briefly said sounds like something is eating his resources but again only know so much about laptops.

So is it his CPU? video card? ram or is it all the junk that might be on his system?

He did note that his laptop does seem to run hot and with only one fan vent it coudl be the reason for all I know, he said an I quote here" its hot enough to melt the glue of the foot pad in the corner, and cause my hand to sweat."

he would love to get a desktop but sadly funds for him are quite limited.


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It is quite obvious that the problem is temperature and I also think that laptop doesn't meet the recommended specification requirements of the games he wants to play.
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