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By bann3d
Apr 25, 2008
  1. Hi,
    I am awaiting a new keyboard for my notebook. The model is an Acer Aspire 3000. I have searched these boards and the net and can't find anything that would specifically aid me in this installation. I downloaded a PDF of the schematics but it just gives me a blueprint version of the systems, piece by piece, no instructions on an install. I found tons for Macbooks though =P I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find step by step instructions, model specific, or has changed one out themself. Any and all help is appreciated Thanks so much! :)
  2. Cinders

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    The installation procedure is the reverse of the disasembly procedure? Ok so I was a bit of a smart ***, and you probably haven't disasembled the laptop yet.

    I've taken exactly one laptop apart, and after a year or so still haven't put it back together, so do what you will with my advice and whatever you do don't force anything.

    More than likely your laptop has screws you can see on its bottom, so take those out. Some screws will be of a different size than the others and you'll want to be able to remember exactly where each screw came from, so number each screw and draw a diagram of where they came from.

    #3 is the "Screen Hinge Cover Plate"


    You'll have to take a close look at the screen hinge cover plate to get it off because it's probably just snapped into place. Once you take off the screen hinge cover plate you'll see a few more screws that you'll need to take out, number and draw a diagram for.

    Once you have all the proper screws out, your laptop clamshell should open up. The keyboard is probably attached onto the bottom part of the clamshell with a few more screws and with a ribbon cable to your motherboard. Just slide the keyboard ribbon compression bar away from from the main fitting and remove the ribbon from the fitting. Now slide the new keyboard into place and do the reverse of these instructions.
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    Thanks you very much for your reply. I was not even thinking I would need to undo screws from the bottom. If I undo the screen brackets, will my screen still be attached to the shell, or will i need to watch out for monitor wires? I think I see how youre saying it should open. If you or anyone else has any advise I would appreciate it. I know about making sure I'm grounded, power and battery disconnected haha. Kinda scares me that yours is still apart though lol. I'll let you know how it goes. It should be here monday. Funnily enough the reason I am even in this predicament is that I received and RSS feed this morning, explaining how to remove keys and clean the keyboard and I managed to snap two connectors. I figured I'd just buy a whole new keyboard and teach myself how to pull one of the things apart. :eek:
  4. Cinders

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    Your screen is attached to the laptop frame. if you take the brackets off of the frame then your screen will come off. It'll be attached to the motherboard with another ribbon cable. You may or may not need to remove the screen to get the clamshell to open up. I don't know exactly what you have to remove to get to the keyboard. I've only been inside one laptop. :) Just be patient and don't rush things. Remove only what you need to to get to the keyboard and then put her back to gether.
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