Laptop keyboard is typing wrong characters


TS Rookie
I have a Asus window 8 and my keyboard my keys will type different characters like for example my "Q" key will type cq[ in that order I try everything from the number lock, holding fn, seeing if sticky keys was on, and even changing the language.


TS Rookie
Something similar is happening to me also. When I type x it types \x
up arrow = m
Z = caps lock
m = home
I tried everything
Even formatted the laptop
Earlier, when I typed ‘c’ it would type the current time and date.
Sick of it. Yesterday it was totally fine,

Mark Fuller

TS Booster
Try uninstalling the kb driver in device manger or updating it, also a flash of the bios might help. Check to see if the correct kb is chosen, either English American or Great Britain.