Laptop keyboard issue


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I recently upgraded the memory in my fathers Laptop from the original 256Mb sim to a 2Gb sim. No problem there however the Return key and the Cursor keys seem to have stopped working even in the Bios.

I have removed the battery and held the power button in for 30secs thinking a reset of the Bios would fix the problem, no luck there they still do not function.

I have removed the keys and checked that nothing has been spilled on the keyboard, no problem there ether.

I have also checked internally to see if there was any damage to the ribbon cable. Seems fine.

To be honest I cant seem to locate the issue and was hoping someone could offer some additional support. Anybody any ideas?

Specs: Esystem EI 3101 laptop, Intel Celeron M430 1.73ghz CPU, 2Gb DDR2, Internal 256mb GFX card.


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Did you try re-installing the 256MB memory to see if the keyboard started working again?


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Is the new memory the same match for the prior memory chips. What the max the system can support in Memory? Volt is the same as the memory you had taken out otherwise you have issues getting the laptop started.


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Laptop starts fine, just cant log on to windows since the keyboard does not function.
Hi I am having trouble with my Key board as well I can use the on screen Key board but it's a Pain any chance some one can tell me why my key board is acting up it was just not working on the Letter B N and Numbers 5 6 now it is not working at all